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Sexual assault cases climbed considerably in the armed forces in 2019.
In response, the United States Defense Department issued a new directive that's meant to combat the serious issue of ual harassment and assault.  The department plans to codify ual assault as another military offense with stronger penalties. 
Of ual assault and harassment have risen throughout the army with a recent study finding that documented cases rose from 4,800 in 2016 to over 6,050 in 2018.  Because high quantities of ual assault across all segments of society bankrupt, officials believe the actual number could be more than 20,000 instances for 2018.  This represents an alarming rise of 38 percent over the past two years.Right to a Safe Workplace
Employees in all offices have the right to a s
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گروه بربرى (Burberry Group PLC) یک خانه مد لوکس انگلیسى است که مقرر اصلى این تشکیلات در لندن-انگلستان واقع مى باشد. تمرکز اصلى خانه مد بربرى بر روی توزیع و تولید محصولات از جمله کت ترنچ (Trench Coat: معروف ترین محصول این برند)، لباس های ردی تو ویر یا پوشاک آماده (ready-to-wear)، اکسسورى، عطر، عینک آفتابی و لوازم آرایشی را شامل مى شود و در ضمن بربرى در ٥١ کشور جهان فروشگاه دارد.
در سال ٢٠١٥ میلادى، برند بربرى در رتبه بندى برترین (با ارزش ترین) برندهاى جهان
Children as young as 12 are being strip searched by police in Australia.
New figures show more than 120 girls in New South Wales have been told to re their clothes by officers in the past three years.
At 17, one woman was forced to re her shirt on a public street by officers. They found nothing, yet the incident continues to haunt her five years on.
"I'm still standing there, middle of the street, no shirt on in front of school friends, other friends, family - anyone that can walk past," she recalled.
"It makes me extremely uncomfortable because I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone else. I have felt so uncomfortable, I didn't even tell my parents."
In three years, 122 girls under the age of 17 were strip searched by police.
The youngest were two 12-year-olds, while eight 13-y
هم اکنون وب سایت ساندترک
موسیقی فیلم آکوامن (Aquaman) محصول سال ۲۰۱۸ کشور آمریکا به آهنگسازی
راپرت گریگسون-ویلیام (Rupert Gregson-Williams) را آماده دانلود قرار داده
است. این فیلم اکشن ابرقهرمانی بر اساس کاراکتر آکوامن دنیای کامیک دی سی
می باشد. که به کمک کمپانی برادران وارنر ساخته شده است. این فیلم ششمین
فیلم ساخته شده از دنیای دی سی می باشد.
کارگردانی این فیلم را جیمز ون (James Wan) انجام داده که از کارهای
قبلی او می توان به فیلم های The Conjuring و Saw و Furious 7 و … ا
The classic tale of ‘Peter Pan’ continues in Disney’s sequel ‘Return to Never Land’. In 1940 on a world besieged by World War II, Wendy, now grown up, has two children, one of them is her daughter, Jane. She wears her trench coat during the air raid, and later that night, Wendy tries to give her own children hope by telling them of her magical experiences with Peter Pan in Never Land. However, Jane, Wendy’s daughter, sees it all as make believe and refuses to believe in the tales. That is, until the villainous Captain Hook mistakes her for Wendy and abducts her to Never Land in an attempt to lure and capture Peter Pan. Peter Pan’s quest to return Jane safely home is jeopardized until she can begin to believe in the magic of imagination.

Animation Name: Return to Never Land 2
Lulu dates are characterized by a certain form, known as certain dates in the form and size of the plum, or brown or partly red.
The special flavor of dates is like Piarom dates, but it is much cheaper than Piarom dates, but it has a sweet taste.
These dates are one of the unknown dates among the people.
The origin of Lulu dates
These dates are from the most important and high quality date dates in Behbahan, Khuzestan. It is also cultivated in Bushehr, Fars, and Hormozgan. It should be noted that the cities of Jam, Assaluyeh and Kangan are also known as the pole of production of these dates.
These dates are one of the dates that are still unknown and can be effectively introduced in the sale.
Currently, Iran’s climatic conditions, especially in Behbahan, are more suitable for cultivating
What does it take to transform a simply annoying work environment into a ually harassing hostile work environment? In order to answer this question, it is important to look at all of the circumstances together. There are four primary factors that are considered when looking at the totality of the circumstances. For your knowledge, these four factors are described in this article, although it is important to note that no single factor is required for a work environment to be deemed hostile. If you think you might have a claim for discrimination in the form of a hostile work environment, contact a discrimination attorney as soon as you can to figure out what you can do about your situation. 
The frequency of discriminatory conductSometimes, work environments can be deemed hostile b
Qazvin is the capital of Qazvin province and is one of the industrial cities in the west of Tehran . The first building of this city, named Keswin, was attributed to Shapur I. Archaeological excavations in the region indicate that the initiation of a one-way marriage in Qazvin dates back to the 7th millennium BC. Temples, sculptures, cereal caches and industrial burials, as well as residential residences, show this late civilization.
 The city of Qazvin has been specially positioned as a crossroads of Tabarestan and the Caspian Sea. Qazvin was named the clean city of Iran Tourism due to the presence of 2,500 hectares of gardens around the city as well as 1400 hectares of the 1400- square-meter boat and the unique Barajin in 1392. This city has long been the position of
Shiraz, the focal point of Fars territory, situated in Zagros mountains. َA excellent city which have been the capital of Iran multiple times during history. Shiraz is otherwise called the city of artists, as a result of the popular artists, for example, Hafez, Saadi and Forsat - od-Dowleh Shirazi.
About Shiraz 
It's said that Shiraz was worked by Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan in 568 A.D. Likewise in Shahnameh, the incomparable Iranian folklore, is composed that the city was worked by the third lord of the world, Tahmuras, and the city has the name of his child, Jamshid. 
You can see Shiraz's name on epigraphs from 2000 B.D which archeologists have found in Elam. As indicated by the epigraphs the first name of the city was "Tirazis" or "Shirazis". During Sassanid line, the city was a piece of
  one. Aid AND SERVICES:When an organization decides to have interaction a 3rd celebration for services, you will discover some factors that grow to be of concern like vendor management, safety, cost, and technology. Nevertheless, most organizations disregard the extent to which the company provides client support, SLAs, and managed services which could lead on to your company’s false impression about exactly where the obligations of a hosting supplier close and where the duties of a purchaser start off. It really is for that reason significant for suppliers to be familiar with how duties are divided in an effort to provide a matrix of obligations for that operational tasks. Most general public cloud suppliers have great services that are tied towards the overall performance as wel
نگاهی بر بازی فورت نایت fortnite و 15 نکته برای حرفه‌ای شدن در این بازی 
 13 تیر 1397
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این روزها شاهد تب داغ بازی پرهیجان فورت نایت هستیم. یک بازی رایانه‌ای که گیمرهای بسیاری را از سراسر دنیا شیفته خود ساخته است.  این بازی که به سبک بقا در محیطی باز طراحی شده است٬ اولین بار در سال 2011 برای گیمرها منتشر شد و سال‌های بعد نسخه‌های آلفای آن در اختیار همگان قرار گرفت. با موبایلستان همراه باشید.سبک بازی فورت نایت٬ بتل رویال است. این سبک برای ا
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